Press on The Slave


“A provocative, unapologetic look at racism and inequality, The Slave deserves to be seen” – Entertainment Focus

“Watching him [MacNeice] is one of the play’s great treats” – Flux Magazine

“Stanley’s voice and personality had me totally transfixed as he performed the powerful opening” – Last Minute Theatre Tickets

“Browne, as Vessels, has exceptional stage presence” – Plays To See

“The changes of pace, along with the gritty dialogue and passionate acting forge together a gripping production and one that is undeniably – and unsettlingly – relevant” – Flux Magazine

“Samantha’s acting was first class throughout” – Last Minute Theatre Tickets

“The tensions that defined the past, vividly brought to life on the stage” – Flux Magazine

“Rachel Heyburn’s direction was fast paced with a lot happening […] this powerful and thought-provoking play will continue to be as relevant and shocking as it was when it first hit the stage a generation ago” – Last Minute Theatre Tickets

“The story twists and turns acrobatically, accelerating and decelerating in intensity as it weaves between ideological debate, lyrical monologues and bursts of abrupt violence before climaxing explosively in a cacophonous ending” – Flux Magazine

Last Minute Theatre Tickets: Four Stars

Flux Magazine: Full Review

Female Arts Magazine, June 2016: Pre-production Interview