The Slave by LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka

East of West Theatre Company presents the European premiere of

THE SLAVE by LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka



Walker Vessels | Stanley J Browne
Grace | Samantha Coughlan
Bradford Easley | Stephen MacNeice


Director | Rachel Heyburn (Pussy Riot, Banksy’s Dismaland)
Designer | Sophie Thomas (Royal Shakespeare Company)
Lighting Designer | Tim Boyd (National Theatre, Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata)
Music Production | Anthony Kosky
Assistant Director | Robert Awosusi

One truth anyone reading these pieces ought to get is the sense of movement—the struggle, in myself, to understand where and who I am.” – LeRoi Jones (later known as Amiri Baraka)

Baraka crafts a deeply conflicted character in Vessels, whose internal war matches the mayhem he’s unleashed on the streets.

It is a “psychological morality tale blending realism, political allegory and the Theatre of Cruelty.