In Quest of Conscience

  Quest 1

In Quest of Conscience

Robert David MacDonald

Finborough Theatre

June 2011


“Phillipa Peak and Martin Buchan make a compelling pair.”

 “Martin Buchan does a powerful job as Stangl, using an almost easy-going matter-of-factness to tell his story, except for when matters stray too near his family, then he almost becomes unhinged.”

“Played with canny detail by Peak, she makes the interviewer as much a compelling character as the interviewee.”



Martin Buchan

Phillipa Peak

Patrick Knowles

Siubhan Harrison


Directed by Rachel Heyburn

Produced by Leila Sellers with East of West Theatre Company

Designed by Florence McHugh

Lighting by Dan Cloake

Sound by Chris Barlow

Graphic Design by David Goddard

Photography by Pete Le May


The play was republished for our production! To buy the play on Amazon, please click here: In Quest of Conscience